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Exhaust System – Mufflers & Catalytic Converters

Is it time to have your Exhaust System inspected? Are you experiencing any of these common Exhaust System problems?

West Los Angeles Auto Repair Do you smell a gaseous odor (carbon monoxide) inside your vehicle?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair Is your Check Engine Light on?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair Do you hear a hiss, banging or loud noise from the engine compartment or under your vehicle while it is running?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair Do you hear / see your muffler – tail pipe dragging on the road?

ExhaustYour vehicle's Exhaust System is very complex and made up of several components. The purpose of the exhaust system is too safely removing your Engine's exhaust, while reducing exhaust noise and reducing the emission contaminates.

Let the experts at West Adams perform a complete Exhaust System inspection. It is a matter of your family safety.


The mufflers purpose is to reduce the noise from the engine exhaust that is expelled via your Headers. If you have ever experience the noise from an engine without a muffler attached, you know just how loud it could be. Mufflers come is various shape and sizes so vehicle manufactures can safely attach them to your vehicle. Absent direct damage or salt damage you muffler should operate for the vehicle full life.

Some luxury cars have two mufflers; the second is called a Resonator. It provide addition sound reduction.

Our Replacement Choice - Walker Mufflers

Catalytic Converters:

Catalytic ConverterSince the mid-1970's all cars sold in the USA were required to have a Catalytic Converter installed in the vehicle's Exhaust System.

A catalytic converter first stage reduces or diminishes the nitrogen oxide emissions catalyst by using platinum and rhodium. The second stage is the oxidation catalyst. During this the unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are reduced by oxidizing or burning. The last stage of the conversion has a control system (oxygen sensor) that monitors the exhaust stream and helps regulate the fuel injection system.

When the oxygen sensor detects the oxygen level problem, it regulates the amount of oxygen in the exhaust through the air-to-fuel ratio. The oxygen sensor will turn on the Check Engine light if the readings fall outside permissible EPA ratings.


Your Exhaust System starts with the Headers. These are attached to your Engine and the header funnels your exhaust to your single or dual pipe exhaust system. The Headers and Header Gaskets normally last the life of your vehicle, but could start to leak. If a gasket is leaking, you may hear a loud noise from the engine compartment and/ or the smell carbon dioxide inside your car. Carbon dioxide can be fatal, so take immediate corrective action and do not drive your vehicle.



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